2018 Luncheon
There are lots of NYC Metro area events to attend relating to BPD and other mental disorders. We are highlighting for you here some events we attended in 2018 and a few more that are upcoming.


April 13-14
NASSPD (North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders) Annual Conference, New York Academy of Sciences, NYC (nasspd.org). An inspiring annual conference was held again this year with presentations on the latest progress in BPD research and exciting new insights on causality and treatment.

May 4
Yale NEA-BPD Conference: Emotional Dysregulation in Families – Treatment and Support, New Haven, CT (borderlinepersonalitydisorder.com). Another excellent annual conference that again provided dynamic and informative updates from the world of BPD.

May 15
BBRF’s Women’s Luncheon: Women Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, NYC (bbrfoundation.org). Guest speaker: Anne Ford – author, advocate and philanthropist. This was an event of lovely camaraderie between speaker and attendees/family members/consumers managing life with mental illness.

May 20
Emotions Matter’s Walk for Borderline Personality Disorder, Hudson River Park, NYC (EmotionsMatterBPD.org). The group’s mission is to empower individuals impacted by BPD, and this walk was a heartfelt experience.

June 4
JED Annual Gala, NYC (jedfoundation.org). Core mission is suicide prevention among young adults in high school and college. Dazzling, top notch speakers and entertainers. Remarkable all that this Foundation does!


October 25
Emotions Matter’s An Evening of Conversation about BPD
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, NYC

October 26
BBRF’s International Mental Health Research Symposium
Kaufman Music Center, NYC

BBRF’s International Award Dinner
The Pierre, NYC

November 27
JED Foundation’s An Evening of Storytelling
School of Visual Arts
333 W. 23rd Street, NYC