TARA (Treatment And Research Advancements) presented a Meet the Experts webinar series in May which can be viewed on their website. TARA, a not-for-profit organization established in 1994, is devoted to advocacy, research and education for those affected by BPD. It offers a Helpline, educational programs for family members, and many more services.

On May 21 Amanda Wang, founder of RethinkBPD, ran a half marathon raising over $5,000 in support of BPD research. You can still support her run! Find out more about RethinkBPD and listen to her newly released podcasts of conversations about BPD at www.rethinkBPD.org.

A dynamic and fast-growing new BPD group called Emotions Matter was formed in 2016 to connect and empower those impacted by the disorder, to raise awareness about BPD and advocate for better mental health care. On May 16th Emotions Matter presented a petition with over 4,000 signatures to NIMH demanding increased funding for BPD research. By the end of May there were over 5,000 signatures. Go to www.emotionsmatterbpd.org to learn more.